Trending - 7 Chic Elements to have in your home according to Instagram and Pinterest

Author: Silvia C from Bloglovin'   Date Posted:7 December 2019 

Trending – 7 Chic elements to have in your home according to Instagram and Pinterest

What’s trending now? Well, a lot of creative things! Looking constantly on Pinterest, Instagram or different kinds or home deco mass market stores you will see new cool micro trends that you will love for your dreamy home. After analyzing them, I’ve choosen seven micro trends that are trending right now on Instagram and Pinterest and which I simply adore.

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1. Half face vases

These cool vases are artsy and look like brilliant sculptures empty and like the most creative vases when filled with artificial or fresh flowers. Use them to style up your coffee or side table or to make your living room or bedroom more inspiring than ever.

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2. Rattan details

The nature inspired elements are trending more and more right now and the rattan details look timeless and super classy even in the winter season. They give a creative or retro touch to anything and they are great for cabinets, chairs or tables.

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3. Reed added in cool vases

Reed or fake reed is the item to have this season for your vases. It works in a modern Scandinavian space or in a splendid retro interior decorated with glam furniture and golden and velvet elements.

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4. Abstract paintings in Seventies colors

The seventies colors are trending this season in home deco colors, but especially in painting or framed pictures with abstract art. These colors look amazing in an elegant or retro interior or in a cool, minimal one filled with modern Scandinavian elements.

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5. Round velvet pillows

Velvet elements are a must have in any home. From ottomans, to covers or pillow cushions, small velvet pieces add a charming vibe in any home and this season the round velvet pillows are more and more popular. Inspired from the retro years, these pillows come in at any color and they bring a sophisticated vibe to any home.

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6. Marble elements

Added anywhere you can think of, the marble details are back on, making everything look more classy and luxurious. Choose them for your bathroom or kitchen, but even for different kinds of deco elements added or your office space or coffee table.

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7. Pick elements

Any home needs pink elements now or more. Dusty pink or light pink is super cool bringing a modern vibe to any home and matching perfectly the seventies color scheme, the Scandinavian deco elements or any kind of retro and elegant furniture being a very versatile option for your dreamy home.

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