22010SH Purple Sml Crinkled Pleat Shade with teardrop bulb fitting 10x17x17cmh
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 Beige Shade for Bedside Lamp
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24209SHADE 39 x 39 x 27cmh
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Westhampton Table Lamp 79cmh
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Addison Table Lamp White 67cmh
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Trio Crystal Table Lamp w/Black Shade
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Zane Concrete Table Lamp  Silver trim drum shade
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Chequered Shade European Fitting 27.5x32x23cmsh
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Athena Dark Blue Table Lamp with shade
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Athena Light Blue Table Lamp
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Provincial Table Lamp stunning eastern ceramic with shade
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Blossom Table Lamp 68cmh
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Jonquil Table Lamp 68cmh
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Geo Gold Table Lamp

Geo Gold Table Lamp

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Jude Bedside Lamp light grey and silver with shade
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Blue Owl Bedside Lamp mid blue gloss ceramic with shade
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Island White Table Lamp gloss ceramic
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Island Turquoise Table Lamp
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Felicienne Bedside Silver Lamp w/Black Shade
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Solange Table Lamp hand carved midi wood very wide
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