Home Decor in 2020 - 5 Trends that will continue to be a strong statement in the Next Year

Author: Silvia C from Bloglovin'   Date Posted:9 December 2019 

Home decor in 2020 – 5 Trends that will continue to be a strong statement in the next year

They were a great deal in 2019, but they will still rock in 2020. We bring you five trends that are continuing in the New Year, telling you what are their special attributes and what they bring new in 2020, check them out:

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1. Global inspired patterns

As we advance in the New Year we will focus more on craftsmanship goods. Celebrated also in 2019, this creative and original pieces that focus on different cultures around the world will make your home unique, colorful and full or personality. They also make a space look warm and effortless and will make you be more creative and make the perfect print mix.

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2. A throwback to retro classics

Thinking about retro hits in terms of designs and giving them a new look and a modern vibe, the retro influences will still rock in 2020 and their key items will be essentials in any home. We are talking about the art deco furniture pieces, the lovely mid century elements from the ’50 and the dreamy color palate from the ’70.


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3. Nordic influences

The Scandinavian look still rocks, but gets more comfy and cozy. Layers are a huge deal when talking about this style and also are the pattern and texture that stands out between the neutral color scheme. Also, everything in this dreamy style get more nature inspired and you will see more wool, wood, rattan or anything that makes your think about the beautiful nature.


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4. The Old and the New Glamour

The 2019 has been a glamorous season bringing a luxurious vibe into any space with metallics, velvet and a rich color scheme. In 2020 this look will be as sophisticated as before, focusing in different shades of pink, marble, velvet and metallic details. Everything is more art deco themed and even fancier, making an interior look pretty deluxe.

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5. The tropical print

We hope you’re not bored of the tropical print yet because it will be still cool in 2020. Celebrating nature, this chic trend gets more soft and neutral and also palm trees are the key print for this trend whether we are talking about a cool wallpaper or a cool print. As a big novelty this print will also become more sketched because this design style will be huge in 2020.

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