Creating a Dining Room that's Ideal for Entertaining

Author: Denisa on Bloglovin'   Date Posted:27 October 2019 

Creating a Dining Room That’s Ideal for Entertaining

In the past, dining rooms were pretty basic, just being seen as a place to sit and eat dinner. However, when dinner parties became fashionable, people started paying more attention to the décor in these otherwise overlooked rooms, meaning they became not only a nice place to have dinner with family, but also to entertain visitors. For a while, there was a trend for open plan kitchen diners, which now seems to be going the other way, with more people seeking a separate room for dining. Here’s how to make the most out of your space:

Get the right furniture

Get the furniture right, and the rest of the room’s décor will be easier to picture. The key piece of furniture is going to be the dining table, so it’s important to get the right size to seat the desired number of people, and to ensure there’s ample space around the chairs.  You may want to consider an extendable table if you have larger groups over on occasion.

The chairs are also important, as they need to be comfortable, but also practical and not take up too much space. You may want to use restaurant chairs in your dining room, as they’ll be hardwearing and last you for years.


It can also help to have some storage space in your dining room where you can keep your good china, cocktail glasses and other items you only use when people come over. Most people have items such as special cutlery that they only use when hosting a dinner party, so if you have space, add a sideboard to house these items.

Add a minibar

After the food, one of the most important elements of a dinner party is great drinks, whether that’s wine, cocktails or punch. Instead of running around after people, consider installing a minibar in your dining room so that people can help themselves. A well-stocked bar will make it easy to serve pre-dinner drinks and find the right glasses when you need them, and it adds retro chic to your home.

Choose the right colors and décor

Dining rooms are usually decorated in neutral tones, as this creates a calming blank canvas for you to add your own touches. The key with dining rooms is to keep it simple and uncluttered, although you shouldn’t make it too clinical. Use some bright seat pads or cushions and focus on using different textures to add a luxe feel. You don’t need much in the way of accessories, although you’ll need to ensure there’s adequate light, so floor or table lamps can be placed around the room.

Install speakers

When you go to a dinner party, what’s the worst sound you can hear? A silent background can make conversation awkward – and nobody wants to listen to other people eating! Some gentle background music can therefore improve the ambience when you’re entertaining. You don’t need to wire up an elaborate sound system; simply choose a wireless speaker that your guests will be able to connect their phones to so they can play their own music, or simply stick on a dinner party playlist and let the party begin.

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