8 Ways to Create Flow and Cohesion With Your Interior Design

Author: Laura Gaskill  

These eight tips can help you select products, finishes and styles that work together from room to room

When you walk into a home where all the design choices work together, the decorating feels effortless – but as anyone who has tried it knows, it’s not as easy as it looks. Whether you’re moving into a new home or simply want to smooth out the rough (stylistic) edges of your current home, this guide is a good place to begin. Here are eight ways to give your home a cohesive look that speaks to your style and flows beautifully from one space to the next.


Country  by Chango & Co.


Chango & Co.

1. Start a whole-house ideabook
Even if you’re not tackling your whole home at once, it’s important to have an overall picture of where you are going with regard to style. Think of this as your master plan: a single place to record all the pieces you put in your home, alongside all the things you hope to one day add.

Unlike a purely inspirational ideabook, think of this one as a personalised style reference guide for your home – including everything from your current paint colours to an image of your dream sofa. Putting it all in one place is an easy (and free) way to see and edit your vision before making a purchase. And as a bonus, if you end up enlisting the expertise of a professional decorator or interior designer, you will have a fantastic resource ready to share with them to accurately illustrate your desired style.

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Beach Style Living Room by Oh beauty Interiors


Oh beauty Interiors

2. Tell a story with textiles
This is where it starts to become clear why it’s so helpful to have a master plan. Instead of picking your rugs, pillows and throws as the mood strikes, take a more curated approach. Think about repeating variations of the same patterns or textile styles throughout your home for a more cohesive look. For example, you might be inspired by the following pieces or schemes:

  • Neutral, earthy linens and Moroccan-style rugs.
  • Indigo batik paired with coastal stripes.
  • Ikat and block prints in rich hues.
  • Modern geometric prints in black and white.

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Beach Style Dining Room by Croma Design Inc.


Croma Design Inc.

3. Channel a mood
Instead of limiting yourself to a specific style, think in terms of the mood you want your home to create. This can be a more useful (and certainly more flexible) filter to use when choosing products for your home than naming a single ‘style’.

For example, let’s say you want to create a relaxed, light mood. To channel this feeling, you might pull elements from beach, farmhouse and contemporary style – as long as the pieces you choose have the relaxed, easygoing vibe that you like, they will work together.


Country Kitchen by Rosewood Custom Builders


Rosewood Custom Builders

4. Make some across-the-board style decisions
Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel with each room in your home, it’s good for your sanity and your home’s look to lay some groundwork that will remain the same throughout the space. Consider putting similar styles of one or more of these elements on repeat throughout your home to increase cohesion:

  • Lighting style.
  • Power points and door handles.
  • Metal finishes and fittings.
  • Neutral paint or fabric colour.
  • Window coverings.


Contemporary Family Room by Thomas and Spiers Architects


Thomas and Spiers Architects

5. Pay attention to sightlines
It’s one thing to have a significant departure in style or mood from the living room to the master bedroom – but when spaces are within the same line of sight, it’s especially important to make sure everything flows. Walk through your home and notice how far your eye can see from each room: which other spaces are visible?

This open-plan space is a good example of creating a cohesive flow, with flooring and crisp white paint uniting the space. The living room tables echo the style of the kitchen bar stools, and the verdant green wallpaper on the far wall is brought to the foreground with the addition of a few botanical-print pillows.

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Beach Style Deck by Croma Design Inc.


Croma Design Inc.

6. Take it outside
Life doesn’t stop at the door, and your style shouldn’t either. Choosing outdoor furniture and accessories in the same style as your indoor furnishings will give your whole space an intentionally designed look and feel.

In this beachy cottage, sleek outdoor love seats with fresh white cushions outfit a comfortable deck, echoing the clean and classic look inside the home.

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Beach Style Living Room by Oh beauty Interiors


Oh beauty Interiors

7. Add greenery
Houseplants do more than clean the air – they offer another opportunity to unify your space with colour (hello, green) and style. The key is to make sure the pots and planters you select are not merely an afterthought, but rather a purposeful part of your decorating plan. In this lofty space, plants on both levels nestle into modern white planters on wooden stands.

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Country Bedroom by Jess Cooney Interiors


Jess Cooney Interiors

8. Enlist a professional
There’s a reason designers are paid for what they do – it’s challenging work. Whether you need to furnish a single room or an entire house, if you would like help creating a cohesive look that flows beautifully, consider contacting an interior designer or decorator to get your project started.


Contemporary Living Room by Bondi Kitchens


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