7 Fabulous Dining Spaces we love in 2020

Author: Silvia C from Bloglovin'   Date Posted:19 February 2020 

7 Fabulous dining spaces we love in 2020

Let’s dine in style and in a relaxing mood in 2020 with our fav dining spaces that are trending right now. From artsy details to rattan elements, check out seven fabulous dining spaces we love this year.

1. Relaxing day

For a very relaxing dining space choose rattan chairs in black and brown, they will look super elegant and bistro themed. Match them with nature inspired deco elements that will emphasise on the calm vibe and also neutral wall art. All its left to do it enjoy a peaceful brunch or dinner in this relaxing space.

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2. Nature inspired day

This year try to bring more outdoor indoors and make your dining area as green as possible. Surround your dining table with a lot of green plants and flower and make it feel like a greenhouse. Match this gorgeous surrounding with a table and some chair made from relaxing and nature inspired elements like wood and rattan to make it all feel more like nature.

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3. Pops of color

This season think about colors when picking and styling your dining area. Paint your walls in vivid an artsy colors such as pink or blue and make everything more exotic with oversized plants. Also, make this space super elegant with dreamy lamps and more artsy with oversized art. To let this dreamy colors pop out, choose neutral chairs and a chic round and neutral table.

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4. Retro mood

Go pink and go retro, these are the two rules to follow when decorating your dining table this season. So, paint the wall next to your dining room in retro shades and choose pink and wooden chairs for this corner. Also, make this space more dreamy and exotic with tiny palm trees or green oversized plants.

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5. Bistro look

For an artsy dining table that has a nostalgic vibe, choose bistro inspired chairs made out of wood and match them with colorful art – retro painting or colorful framed pictures. Also, match them with oversized green plants and it you’re a book fan make this artsy dining table around a cabinet with book or a chic bookcase.

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6. The Wabi-Sabi inspired dinign space

Talking about a relaxing dining space, get inspired by the calm and chic Wabi-Sabi style. Match neutral chairs with a cool bench and choose the same height for all the sitting elements that surround the dining table. Also, match this peaceful dining space with woven deco elements and rugs and alsi with colorful art.

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7. Eclectic mix


Mixing different chairs is still super cool, especially if you go with a soft color palette. Choose the chicest and most popular chairs of this season (all the woven chairs are trending right now) and mix them up around a long wooden table. Also, add gorgeous retro paintings and dreamy green plants in minimal vases.

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